How to Manage Your Job: Marsha Style

Greetings everyone~

It is your favorite scammer, non-certified hairstylist and beautician back at it again to teach ya’ll a little lesson that I call: effective, efficient, and essential. As an aspiring college student who is trying to make money any way possible, work can be demanding depending on your job. I hate working. I hate the idea of someone being the boss of me. Like don’t tell me what to do. I’m a bad bihhh, you can’t kill me.

Let me elaborate to you what I encouraged Raph multiple times. Everybody deserves a day off. Everybody deserves time for themselves. Lately, I’ve been telling Raph to take some time off of work and actually go out and enjoy herself. But obviously, she wants to make money and ignore her alter ego. And nobody ignores Marsha. Not even Marsha. So I decided to discuss a few steps on how to call out of work like a “Marsha”:

  1. The “I’m Sick” excuse doesn’t work for every job

You must be strategic with your lies, sïs. Every boss is different. There are some bosses that are just oblivious and you can literally get away with anything. But there are some that just LOVE to give you a hard time when you try to call out. For example, retail. Oh, how I love retail. It is literally one of the worst type of jobs that you could possibly have. I swear, I don’t know how Raph does it. I would pop off on one of them customers in a second if they triedddddddd it.

2. Be “fake” sympathetic. Show them that you care about your job even though you don’t.

You have a job that just isn’t cute. You have a job that you just hate and you’re only working because you need to make that quick shmoney. You’re working because your parents don’t wanna keep giving you money. You got bills. Whatever the reason is, you. are. working. So you gotta work with what you got. So “fake” care. Show them that you don’t care in a “caring” way. Whenever you call out, make up a good reason for your absence at work:

You: Hi boss, I just have a wedding to attend to next weekend, from the 15th to the 18th. I’ll flying out on the 15th to Tampa, Florida.

Boss: Oh okay, that’s fine. I’ll take you off the schedule then.



Look how easy that was? Patience my friend, patience.

3. Keep leading your current boss on to think that you gonna stay (if you plan on stayin’)

Yeah sure you don’t wanna stay at your job. So this is your chance to look/find another job, if you’re willing to. While you’re looking for another job, keep leading your boss on to thinking you’re gonna stay. You got that time off, USE IT. Then when the time is right, put in that two weeks notice. You deserve to be happy. LET YO HAPPINESS ROAM FREE FAM.

I’m just sayin’. It’s your call ya’ll. Be ya own boss.

Blessings on blessings,




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