How to Not Get “Got”

Greetings Marsha fans~

Did you miss me? No need to ask that question because I know you did, haha. It’s your favorite gyal-pal, who whip a Lambo owned by yo pappay, Marsh-Marsh. Kidding.

Today’s post is centered on how to not get “got.” In order to not get “got”, you gotta be on your shit so that you don’t get “got.” Think of it this way: You make sure that you not getting “got”, so that when you do get “got”, you don’t get “got”, because you made sure that you wasn’t getting “got.” Got it?

Let me explain:

  1. Be on top of yo shit

When you tryna not get “got”, you know whatchu want. How you want it. When you want it. Where you want it. You don’t have to double check because you know that you not gettin’ “got.” Ya friend tryna come at you and make you feel stupid? Come back with the greatest clapback of the century:

Friend: Das why ion let these n*****s play wit me the way they be playin you?

You: But wasn’t you just cryin’ about Trey the other day sis?Beyonce-sips-tea

Don’t get got.

2. The people you hang with, aren’t supposed to get “got” either.

If you not gettin’ “got”, ya friends not supposed to get “got.” No matter what. Nobody out here supposed to look stupid, that is the number one rule. You dress nice? All ya sons gotta dress nice. You out doin’ something? All ya friends supposed to be out doin’ somethin’. Move as a team, ya friends are a representation of you. 3ba4f3007b5f319ca1b70ea3fea7c68c


3. And when you do get “got”, make it seem like you didn’t get “got.”

Soooo, that awkward moment when you gotta run ya neck because you’re actually wrong? Fear not, because that’s not the case anymore when you rollin with moi~. Just make somethin’ up on the spot. Bada-boom bada-bang.

Friend: Ain’t you suppose to go get ya new sunglasses today? I mean you been sayin’ that fo’ weeks now sis…

You: Well, last time I checked this is my life, not yours. Hmm.


See? Was that so hard? Nah.

So hopefully, this post has touched you in ways that you’ve never dealt with before. And of course, if you haven’t done so, subscribe to my new Youtube Channel, DJ Marshaaaaa.

Until the next blog post,






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