Benjamin Grant: A Heroic Icon

Greetings my fellow Marsh-ettes~

It’s your favorite playa, who came to slaya: Mar-slaya. Wow, I really dragged it…how disrespectful. Anyway, for once, I’m not actually writing about me. Today, I will be writing about a fellow associate of mine, whom I’ve gotten to know very well: the famous Benjamin Grant.

Many of you may know this intricate man. He is the current Director of Residence Life and the Associate Dean of Students at Mville. How amazing.  Today, I work under him as his very personal assistant. Ben knows the ins and outs of Manhattanville. He joined the college as their Resident Director is 2010 and has been there ever since. He slays and bops his way through his tasks and his coworkers so effortlessly, I had to write a post about him (Sidenote: I had too lmao).

When you first meet Ben, he can be very intimidating. I was scared when I first heard the idea of this man; saying his name was just scary. But when I started working for him, I began to get to know him. He’s like a Sour Patch, at first he can come off sour but once you get past that, he is so nice. Since I work directly under him, we got a chance to go to his house (only because we had to move furniture for him to his house) and the inside is bootyful fâm. He collect antiques, and his house is full of it. He’s also a very organized person as well. His kitchen and bathroom are all color coordinated as well.

Check out this video of Ben’s Crib below! Edited and filmed by Marsha.

Marsha’s Cribs: Ben’s House



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