How to Act Up 101

Greetings Marsh-minions~

It is your favorite, local, aspiring personality blogger back at it again with another tutorial? Another “How-to”? Yes. That is correct. Valid. Like. Salad.

As a perfect human, black woman, I get a lot of questions about my nature and why I always “act up” on sight. It’s obviously simple: I just do. But for those who are merely interested on how I do, below is a step-by-step process that elaborates (lies, I’m not tryna write too much) on how to act up without apologizing for it:

  1. Develop an “IDGAF” attitude, and learn to use it on a daily basis.

Seems simple, but it’s actually hard to develop this attitude if you care too much (Please refer back to my first post, How to Simply Not “Care” for more information). You choose what you want to focus your attention on and usually it’s on things that won’t even matter in like a couple of days, months, or even years. “F” that. Divide what’s important to you and what’s not. Simple. Next.

2. Don’t bite your tongue.

Someone gives you some shit? Turn the hell up. Light that shit up sis. Speak yo mind. Don’t bite your tongue for anyone. Say it, sis. The world needs to hear it. Chances are, people are probably lowkey thinking the same thing too. Release that energy sis. Let the world hear your wrath. I love myself because I just say what the hell is on my mind and I don’t care what annnnnyone says. You ain’t know? Marsha does what she wants.

3. Fuck it up, in public or private.

Whenever I act up, I go all out. My voice, my outfits, my hair, everything. People will always something to say about you, good or bad. So why apologize for acting up and being you? Wear dat wig hoe. Wear dat outfit sis. Act the hell out. Let it goooooo. All the time (like how I ain’t say “sometimes”?), I like to let people know that Marsha is in the building. Ya know? I act up, talk loudly, and do weird shit. Some people laugh, some people keep it moving. I don’t care, they not me. And I like to do it.

If you follow this ridiculous, step-by-step process not only you be successful, but unstoppable.

Please call 1-800-SCAM if you have any further concerns and questions.

Until next week?

~M Image-1 (1)





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