How We Scammed Fourth of July

Greetings everyone~

I hope everyone’s week was filled with spontaneous outings and careless actions. It’s your homegirl, DJ Marsha on the track, back to actually tell a story about my “patriotic” week.

Of course, this past Tuesday was Fourth of July (the “j” is silent) and that means an actual day off, nice weather, time with your loved ones, and of course, a scam… if you could get away with it.

Since I’m always on the go, I like to do things spontaneously. It was Tuesday and I had nothing to do. I couldn’t go home because I wouldn’t be able to find a way back to school so I decided to stay on campus. So I hit up my two trusty sidekicks, my manager T$ and Grandma Ant, and we decided to whip it to Rye Playland. And before you say anything, I know Playland is some basic, kiddy amusement park, but sis…IT WAS PAWPIN’ ON THE FOURTH. People was havin’ cookouts right outside the park and the beach was lit af.

We wanted to go to the beach and the amusement park, but the admission fee was $30…and who had $30 to spend on some kiddy park? Not Marsha. Not Grandma Ant. Not T$. But we still wanted to enjoy our time there since we spent most of the early afternoon in traffic waiting for parking. And you know Marshie, where there is plan…there is also a scam. So instead of paying the $8 entrance fee to Playland Beach, we hopped the fence. Well. T$ and Grandma did…I just walked through the entrance because Marsha don’t have time to be hoppin’ fences (lmao that’s a lie, I just couldn’t hop the fence, so some guy gave me his wristband so I could enter the beach). Either way, they ain’t catch us. Suck it Playland lmao.

But it was fun, we got to enjoy a free, dirty beach.

Then we raided some cookout and got free food (another lie actually. Grandma’s friend invited him to her cookout so we all went. I just wanted to sound sophisticated lmao) and watched the fireworks up close on some random block. All in all, a very successful day.

Moral of the story: You can raid any cookout, you just gotta pretend you related to them lmao.




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