Marsha’s Messy Corner: A Concept. #1

Greetings everyone~

It’s obviously your girl Marsha here with another great blog post *smiles mischievously*. Now you all know that Marsha specializes in hair, makeup, and beauty so this post is OBVIOUSLY dedicated to THAT. So sit back on your stolen Bed Bath and Beyond sheets, take notes my little Marsha-minions (aka Marshions) and enjoy.

As a non-certified cosmetologist and hair dresser, I receive a lot of questions about how I maintain my clients hair and my own so I decided to drop some knowledge on you amateurs, especially when it comes to natural hair. So…let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Wrap yo head.

This is so iconic. Necessary. Important. When these messy gyals come to my imaginary salon, I get concerned. Dryness does not exist at Marsha’s salon. At all. Like what have you been doing before you even stepped foot in my salon? Wrapping your hair up with a cotton scarf? Not on my watch.

You want a satin scarf like this to lock in the moisture at night so you won’t wake up…
…like this. It just ain’t cute.









Trust me, Marsha has been humiliated a couple times. But that was before her scamming days. I have witnessed a lot of women who do not wrap their hair at night and just go straight to bed. Lmao. Just stop. You’re obviously making a fool out of yourselves, quote me. This is why Marsha is here; to break you down and build you back up to be a diva. So utilize this piece of advice for whoever does not wrap they hair. Ya’ll know who ya’ll are.

2. Mois-tur-ize.

Sis. Your hair is a plant! The more water you put into it, the more it grows. The goal is healthy hair, not long hair. Anything with water, use it sisssss. Below are some products (that you can definitely scam from your local and/or boujie drugstore) that I definitely recommend that are good for moisturizing (and I should get paid for promoting these products *rolls eyes.* Maybe I’ll scam the system and pay myself *smiles mischievously*):

Kinky-Curly Detangler


This right here…BLESS UP. When I tell you this product really detangles my hair, it really does. All you have to do is put a quarter-size of it on a medium sized section of your hair and you gucci fam, ju heardddd?

DIY Shea Butter Mix


Honestly, I’m not even going to lie, Marsha doesn’t do this because she’s lazy. So I just use simply Shea Butter because it’s convenient. Mixing it is alot of work, lmao (Did I ever mention that I could be a bit lazy sometimes? If I didn’t, well now you know). But you could do this as well ladies. Simply mix raw shea butter with any essential oils:  coconut, jojoba, avocado, almond, olive, grapeseed, castor, etc. These oils are great for promoting hair growth, solving dandruff, and of course moisturizing.

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In 


This is a personal favorite of mine. And yes, I understand that a lot of black women might be boycotting Shea Moisture due to their recent “unfair” commercial, but ya’ll know their products are hella good anyway. Lmfao, Marsha most definitely still uses their products at her salon because she can’t afford to pay for no other hair care line because the rent is due this week (lmao, oop. There I go acting broke again). Use what ya got, ok? Just like the product says, it really does strengthen, grow and restore while also adding moisture to your hair. Recommend? Yes, if you’d like to see thicker and fuller hair results.

Ya’ll get the idea. Pudding, pomades, allllllladat. They’re really good for moisturizing dry hair. Honestly the people on youtube be draggin’ it. They have money, we don’t. So we’re going to use what we got ya’ll, ok?

3. Protective Styles.

Lately, I have been rockin’ some protective styles because Marsha’s been getting money honey. Alright, maybe I’m draggin’ it. But honestly, if you’re just as lazy as me, I definitely do recommend doing protective styles such as:

Any hairstyle that seals in the moisture of your hair is protective. Do you boo. Braids, cornrows, buns, twists, sew-ins, wigs, faux locs etc. All of these hairstyles are protective! Use it sis.

Okay. I think I’m done here honestly. There’s more that I can do in depth about, but I’ll save it for another post.

See you on my next scam.




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