How to Simply Not “Care”

Greetings everyone~

I, Marsha, do not care. Pretty sure you all know that. But for some reason, I bump into people that simply do about the most simplest things… *cough cough* Raph *cough cough*.

She’s the type to let people walk over her sometimes; she’s the passive type. She’s always thinking about others and their feelings or she’s always the one in her feelings. She over analyzes everything… and I hate it.

So it’s about time to flip the script and get real. Wanna get on Marsha’s level of pettiness and have an egocentric attitude? Here are a few tips on how to simply not “care”:

  1. Just Stop

Stop caring. Just stop doing it. Think about it. You are putting your energy and time into situations/people that don’t need your “fucks.” Soooooo, stop giving it. Raph has a hard time doing so, although she’s gotten better, she still has a long way to go. Whenever she’s in her feelings, I go on vacation. I zon’t have time to worryin’ about why you cryin’. Bye Felicia.


You only have one life. So use it. Marsha does things for herself and only herself. Duh. I’m prideful, the fuck. If you want to go steal food because you don’t have money for takeout, do it. If you want to conduct a multi million dollar heist, do it. It’s your life, not anyone else. In other words, STOP LISTENING TO OTHER PEOPLE’S SHIT AND DO YOU BOO. Just worry about yo’self bih.

3. Stop Apologizing

You don’t have to be nice all the time. Just stop apologizing for yourself; you’re only making yourself look and feel vulnerable. Instead, be a tad bit (or a lot) greedy. There are some things you have control over and other things that you do not have control over. Stop apologizing for the factors that you have no control over and just focus on the things you have control of. I never apologize, because Marsha is always right. How do I not apologize? Because I know I’m correct and can prove it otherwise. Proof? Marsha’s whole existence.

4. Be Realistic

Raph is soft as hell. And I always gotta stop my work to snap her back in place at times. Be real with yourself. Ask yourself questions: Is it really worth caring about? Or in other vulgar words, do I really give a fuck? If you answered those two questions correctly (the answer is no for both btw lol), drop it. Don’t ever be hard on yourself guys. Sometimes you have to lose in order to win. Accept the worst, accept the best, and be open to change and new ideas. You never know where life will take you…of course I do because I’m Marsha and I do everything lol.

5. Work on your craft

No, not busy work. Not no 9-5 shift everyday. I’m talking about your talent hunty…work on it. Your being…work on it. Your attitude…work on it. Your thought process…work on it. When you care about someone or something, your time becomes invested in it, right? Right. So instead of spending your time on irrelevant things and people, spend it on something that’s worth the investment. Like you. Or your passion(s). Do you boo. Do you. For instance, I spend my time scamming the people around me because it’s my living. It’s my passion. It’s me.


See you next time on my next scam.






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