Marsha’s Home

Greetings everyone~

A lot of people ask me where I get my personality and energy from. Here’s a valid answer: no one. But me. And only me.

See Marsha doesn’t play games. Marsha IS the game. I am very egoistic, prideful, spiteful, greedy, needy, arrogant, materialistic, ruthless, sneaky, and of course unpredictable. No one knows when or where Marsha strikes. But when she does, she touches people.

That’s why I am here. Writing. On. This. Blog. To hopefully touch your life in anyway possible with my sneaky and vengeful ways. You’re probably thinking, “What is wrong with this girl?” or “Why does this girl claim the name ‘Marsha’ instead of her own?” Welp. You’re gonna have to read the ‘Backstory’ section on this site located above this post; the second widget.

Interested in more posts? Like, comment, or whatever and I may come back with another post because I’m so busy making a living tryna scam, feel me?